Rosle Standing Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

Rosle kitchen utensils are highly functional and have been designed for superior performance. Rosle tools carry out many demanding tasks fulfilling the highest expectations and are covered by a 5-year warranty.

The open kitchen is a genuine ROSLE concept, lifting beautifully designed professional kitchen utensils from invisibility in back drawers and setting them out for both show and utility.

The expandable system incorporates adaptable modules offering infinite possibilities for modifying and enhancing the work ambient as convenient. Paper towel rolls, spices jar, kitchen clock and cookbooks all find a practical position and every item is clearly displayed close at ready hand use.


  • Using just one hand, paper towels can be easily torn off and rolls replaced.
  • Automatically adjusts to height of paper roll. For all rolls up to diameter 17 cm/6.7 in. and 22 to 30 cm/8.7 to 11.8 in. height.
  • Heavyweight, silicone coated base provides a topple-free stand.
  • Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel and synthetic material.
  • Dimensions: 8.07-in / 20.5cmx 9.06-in / 23.0cm x 9.85-in / 25.0cm (W x D X H).

Ships within 24-48 Hours