Shun 3-Piece Whetstone Sharpening System with Honing Steel

The Shun 3-Piece Sharpening System is the easy way to learn how to sharpen your knives yourself using a whetstone. Because of the slant of the bamboo stand, all you need to do to ensure your knife is at the proper angle when sharpening is to keep the blade flat and parallel to the working surface as you pull it across the stone. Once you’™ve sharpened your knife, you can maintain the edge for a longer period of time by honing regularly. The included honing steel can be used in the stand or on its own.


  • The Shun 3-Piece Sharpening System makes it easy to sharpen on a whetstone.
  • The angled bamboo stand helps you maintain the proper sharpening angle.
  • Set includes:

– Combination whetstone: 1000-grit one side, 6000-grit on the other
– Honing Steel
– Angled bamboo stand