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Breville The IQ Kettle Pure

When it comes to precision brewing, Breville’s innovative electric kettle is a kitchen genius. At the touch of a button, the sparkling glass kettle automatically heats water to the ideal temperature for your favorite brew, from four varieties of specialty teas to perfect French press coffee.Made from German SCHOTT glass jug, with a large 7-cup

Breville The Risotto Plus Sauteing Slow Rice Cooker and Steamer

Breville The Risotto Plus 4 Qt. multi-cooker is no one-trick pony. It specializes in stir-free risotto, but tender slow-cooked and steamed meals, fluffy rice and quinoa are all in its wheelhouse. Enjoy easy to use functions such as Risotto, Saut, Rice, Steam, Slow Cook Low, Slow Cook High and Auto ‘keep warm’ to prepare tasty

Breville The Smart Fryer

The Smart Fryer is the first deep fryer with a dedicated twice cooked function for super crispy French fries. The clear LCD screen displays a food menu with automatic time and temperature selection. The innovative flat Cool Plate at the base of the pan allows you to use 1/4 less oil than a conventional deep

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro features Precision Digital Time (adjustable in 0.2 sec increments) to give you complete control over dose and grind time. The perfect coffee needs a precise amount of freshly ground coffee beans. But adjustments in grind size require different grind times to achieve a consistent dose. Choose among 60 different grind settings

Breville the Smart Oven Air

The Smart Oven Air with Element IQฎ is the only tool for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air-fry crispy French Fries & snacks and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by 30% with great crispness, circulating hot air within

Breville the Smart Waffle Slice

The Smart Waffle knows exactly how to turn batter into the precise creation your appetite desires. Turning sticky batter into golden brown waffles isn’t always easy. Waffle IQ automatically calculates the correct cooking time for whatever waffle color you select, making the fluffiest and richest waffles every time. Thermally engineered heating elements ensure optimized heat

Breville The Temp Select Electric Kettle

The Temp Select has 5 unique temperature settings for tea and coffee, making it simple to attain the perfect temperature for any brew, including Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, French Press and Black Tea. The Keep Warm button keeps the heated water at the selected temperature for 20 minutes and can be activated before,

Breville Wood Smoke Infuser the Smoking Gun

Effortlessly infuse foods and drinks with natural applewood or hickory flavors without the extra heat. This versatile tool quickly adds smoky flavor to food before or after cooking. Simply place smoking wood chips in the burn chamber, light and then use the flexible hose to add smoke to foods in any closed container ‘“ from

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine

The Infuser delivers optimal espresso flavor in every cup. It pre-infuses ground coffee with low, steady water pressure before extraction, gently expanding the grinds before stepping up to high pressure. The result is a more even extraction, which produces balanced coffee flavor. Achieve precise water temperature and maintain thermal stability with electronic PID temperature control.

Breville Food Steamer The Steam Zone

A powerful steamer designed to cook food in the highly efficient steam zone for quickest heat transfer. Designed in a unique shape for whole fish steaming. Prepare whole steamed fish on the large steaming tray or prepare two different foods that require different steaming time in two separate steaming baskets with a synchronized finish setting.

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

The first household coffee maker with an adjustable grinder and calibration function as well as adjustable grind size and grind volume to suit any palate. The innovative built-in grinder allows you to capture freshness and essential oils from beans by grinding right before you brew with “Steep and Release” technology. Brew the perfect coffee with

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer, Silver

Equipped with our Beater IQ technology, the Handy Mix Scraper detects which attachment you’™ve inserted and adjusts to the optimal speed. With a built-in timer to boot, this mixer makes a novice look like a maestro. Achieve complete control to maximize versatility from ultra-slow to high speeds with 9 speed settings. The convenient pause function

Breville Juice Extractor The Citrus Press

Squeeze every last drop of juice from the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit with the Citrus Press. The simple one handed operation allows you to create a delicious juice with minimal effort. The patented dual safety switch will not allow the cone to spin until both the arm is lowered and sufficient pressure is

Breville Juice Extractor The Juice Fountain Cold

Breville Juice Fountain Cold with Cold Spin Technology allows juice to flow up and through the Elevated Juicing System. So instead of making just a small amount of juice, you can make up to 70 oz. of juice at a time. The Seal and Store Juice jug can be stored directly in the door of

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

The world’s first 60 oz drip coffee maker with the precision required to brew craft filter coffee, automatically. Experience your favorite coffee at its best regardless of its origin, age or roast with precise temperature and brewing time. With six unique brewing modes you can enjoy the perfect, balanced coffee exactly the way you like

Breville Round Waffle Waffle Maker

Waffles are a classic breakfast, so pour your sweetness into a classic circular waffle maker that alleviates batter splatter. We elevated the subtle art of waffle making by directly addressing its only trouble spot: batter splatter. The circular moat catches and cooks excess batter, keeping it in all in play. Browning control lets you choose

Breville Smart Pro Countertop Oven

The Smart Oven Pro With Element IQ is an essential tool for the cook who desires a countertop oven that bakes the perfect pizza pie, crispy yet chewy cookies, toasts evenly and roasts succulent meat. The convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%. Element IQ technology moves the power around the oven to

Breville Smart Programmable Electric Tea Infuser

Different teas need different degrees. The Breville Smart Tea Infuser knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favorite teas. Set the timer to tell you when steeping is complete then it automatically keeps warm until you are ready to drink. Never over’“steep your tea again.Treat Tea RightUnlock the

Breville Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor, Silver

Slicing, dicing, chopping, shredding, and even kneading bread is no problem for this kitchen workhorse. With three feed chute options and adjustable slicer, the Breville Sous Chef will turn timely food prep into the simple push of a button. Included Accessories: Breville Assist Lid with inner measuring lid Features Micro-serrated S-Blade – Swift action for

Breville the ‘Lift & Look’ Touch Toaster

Real world 1-touch innovations including ‘œLift and Look’ and ‘œA Bit More’ put total browning control at your fingertips.Breville’s high-tech electronic toaster anticipates your every preference, supplementing five precise toasting levels with a special function that provides a touch of extra browning at the end of the cycle. Features Accommodates up to four slices at