de Buyer Choc Blini Pan (Non-Stick), 4.75-in

de Buyer Choc Nonstick frying and blini pans have the same Lyonnaise profile featured in de Buyer Mineral B line but with the convenience of a nonstick surface ready to use. Ideal for simmering, warming-up, cooking, readjusting pre-cooked dishes and for cooking delicate dishes.

The nonstick line used by professionals. Choc Professional Non-Stick pans are made with five layers: 4 of thick aluminum. Choc features a high-quality 5-later PTFE coating guarantee without PFOA.

With Improved resistance to abrasion. Grooved bottom for better heat spreading and cooking. Firmly riveted strip steel handle. Suitable for all heat sources except induction.


  • An easier to use alternative to the Mineral B Blini pans
  • Made of 3.3 mm thick aluminum covered with a layer of PFOA-free PTFE non-stick coating which ensures optimum resistance to abrasion and better non-stick and slip qualities
  • Grooved bottom for optimum contact with the heat sources
  • Not suitable on induction hobs
  • Riveted steel strip handle
  • Dimensions: Diameter (Rim): 4.75-in. Bottom: 4-in (12 x 10 cm)
  • Made in France