de Buyer Moul Flex Pro Silicone tray

A range of flexible moulds in PLATINUM high quality silicone, special heavy duty. Many types of mould shapes are available for cooking as well as for setting in the fridge, deep-freezer and blast-chiller. Nonstick supple professional moulds.


  • Guaranteed peroxide-free food grade silicone, special heavy duty.
  • Professional format 400 x 600 mm or GN 1/1 depending on the model.
  • Use in the oven or deep-freezer from -40 to + 300ฐC.
  • Heavy duty special food grade silicone.
  • Optimisation of the number of forms on each tray.
  • Reduction of cooking time thanks to the R’™Systemฎ perforations.
  • R’Systemฎ patented system: localized perforations between the different forms on the tray, improving circulation of heat and cold, for:
  • A perfectly regular and uniform cooking over the entire tray.
  • A better taste, result of the cooking regularity and of the caramelisation.
  • Weight (in libs): 1.6