de Buyer Rollin Pin, 20-in

Since 1830, professionals in the catering trade (restaurants, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers, communities) trust us for the quality, robustness and reliability of de Buyer products.

Combining experience and innovation, de Buyer have been supplying high-quality technical products for restaurant and pastry shops worldwide. Recently, de Buyer product have found demand among avid home cooks that are looking for tools that perform with the same standards chef’s rely every day.


  • Specifically designed for making puff pastry, marzipan, pie doughs
  • Made of solid polyamide, will last ages
  • This special material stays at a constant temperature, so the dough doesn’t stick to the roller-a necessity for making fragile puff pastries
  • Product Dimensions: Diameter ร˜ 2.5-in x 20-in Length (5 x 50 cm)
  • Made in France