Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan

The collection M’™STEEL, Mauviel 1830 is a range made of steel carbon, 100% natural. Its thickness makes it compatible with induction.

Very robust, this range spreads heat perfectly. Once the coating becomes effective, a natural process, the utensils have the same properties as the utensils coated with an anti-adhesive. Naturally protected thanks to bee’™s wax, this range is not at risk of oxidization.

Use recommendations: The coating

Before starting, one must prepare the frying pan, to become fully non-stick. To that effect, pour a dribble of oil, all over the base, and place over high heat, and let it simmer. When the oil starts smoking, throw it out, and wipe the pan with kitchen paper, do not wash it. Repeat the operation several times, so that the interior is fully protected. Always heat the pan first before putting in, any oily product. To clean it, never use, washing up liquid, only use very hot water and wipe it carefully. Do not remove, the layer that builds up on the bottom of your pan, it builds a solid layer that makes it non-stick.

Before putting it away, grease with a little olive oil to prevent rust. Your utensil will last for many years.


  • Made of steel carbon, 100% natural
  • Thickness: 3 mm with straight edge
  • The ideal cookware for braising, grilling or roasting
  • Setting with a leaf type handle
  • Stay-cool handle with iron electroplate finish handle
  • Professional quality
  • Compatible with all types of heating sources including induction
  • Lifetime warranty, household use
  • Made in France