Miyabi Steels & Sharpeners Twin Japanese Water Stone

Japanese water stones are an efficient and effective tool for keeping your knives sharp. Using just a few drops of water (no pre-soaking required), your knives will be sharp in a matter of minutes – no oil necessary. This TWIN Pro 250/1000 Combination Japanese Water Stone has two sides, a coarse 250-grit stone for especially dull knives or reshaping blades, and a fine 1,000-grit stone for the finishing touches. The base has non-slip rubber feet so you can safely sharpen your knives on most surfaces.


  • Dimensions: 7.5″ x 2.5″ x “2
  • Coarse 250-grit stone for dull blades
  • Fine 1,000-grit stone for putting on a sharp edge
  • No oil required
  • Non slip base for safe sharpening