Rosle Strainer

Rosle kitchen utensils are highly functional and have been designed for superior

Rosle kitchen utensils are highly functional and have been designed for superior performance. Rosle tools carry out many demanding tasks fulfilling the highest expectations and are covered by a 5-year warranty.

What distinguishes ROSLE products from others, is the careful attention we give to every detail. Every one of these flawless utensils has been streamlined to suit a special task and carries out its function superbly. A combination of maximum performance with timeless design.

ROSLE utensils are carefully manufactured and leave the premises only after passing a strict quality control. They are made with the best materials, primarily 18/10 stainless steel because it is hygienic, neutral to taste and smell, and is of almost limitless durability.

ROSLE has won several design awards and are without doubt one of the best kitchen utensils in the world.


Newest version features the classic round handle that match Rosle kitchen tools

For straining, cleaning salad or vegetables and passing of fruit and soups. Oils and liquids quickly drain away through the coarse mesh.

Coarse mesh.

Entire piece is made of stainless steel.

– 9.4-in (24 cm) diameter, total length: 19.3-in (49 cm)
– 7.9-in (20 cm) diameter, total length: 16.5-in (42 cm)
– 6.3-in (16 cm) diameter, total length: 14.2-in (36 cm)
– 6.30-in (16 cm) diameter, total length: 13.19-in (33 cm)
– 4.7-in (12 cm) diameter, total length: 11-in (28 cm)

Mesh width:
– 0.06-in (0.16 cm)
– 0.020-in (0.050 cm)
– 0.020 in (0,050 cm)

– 2.1 qt. (2 Liter)
– 1.32 qt. (1.25 Liter)
– 0.63 qt. (0.6 Liter)
– 0.26 qt (0,25 Liter)

5-year warranty.

Ships within 24-48 Hours