Staub Cast Iron Nickel Knob, Silver

The knob is indispensable for lifting and handling your pots and frying pans quickly and safely. Staub offers a matching replacement part should it become faulty or damaged over time.
Lift and handle the lid with oven gloves without burning yourself by holding the small nickel-plated knob, which is also durable, hard-wearing and totally corrosion-proof. Ensure that your pots and frying pans are fully functional and ready to use again in the blink of an eye with a Staub knob for the lid.


  • Nickel replacement knob for Staub Cocottes.
  • Small fits Mini Round Cocotte & Mini Saucepan
  • Medium fits 0.75-qt Round Cocotte
  • Large fits 1-qt Cocottes and larger
  • Fits 0.50 & 0.75-qt Round Cocotte.
  • Made in France.
  • Oven safe up to 500F.
  • Dimensions: 1.25 X 1.25 X .50″.
  • Weight: 1 oz.