Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte Oven, 13.25-qt, Grenadine

Staub cookware excels in providing the perfect environment for slow cooked, flavour-enhanced meals. Staub has become the benchmark and first reference brand for enameled cast iron cookware used by professionals. Its journey begins in the Alsace region of France. Rich in history, food and craft, the area is renowned for hearty one-pot recipes and fine enameled ceramics. Every piece of Staub cast iron cookware is made from one-use sand mold and absorbs enamel coating in a distinctive way. Subtle differences arise from this production process. These unique features should never be considered as defective.

All Staub products are enameled on the inside and out. The black matte enamel interior does not require seasoning and will not react to acidic foods. Because of the properties of this interior, the more you use your Staub product, the better it will perform. The oils used and created when cooking will penetrate the pores of the matte enamel and create a natural, smooth non-stick surface.


  • Made from top quality cast iron, coated in tough, chip-resistant enamel, inside and out
  • Heavy, tight-fitting lid seals all the moisture and flavours of your food inside- plus, little bumps on the underside of the lid continuously baste your food to perfection as it cooks.
  • Staub designed self-basting spikes underneath the lid help continuously baste the food. The self-basting cycle ensurs the flavours of the ingredients are retained in the full intensity and their nutritional worth is preserved perfectly
  • Stainless knob for oven use, resist up to 500บ F
  • Closed-circuit and spikes cooking allows continuous self-basting
  • Enameled black matte interior provides genuine flavour
  • Smooth enamel bottom, compatible with all heat sources
  • Dimensions: 16.9 X 13.5 X 8.4 inches
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in France