Wusthof Ikon 9-piece Blackwood Block Set

With its beautifully finished wooden handles, Wรผsthof’™s Ikon Blackwood series combines exceptional workmanship and an aesthetically striking design. This well-balanced set of essential kitchen knives features long-lasting high-carbon-steel blades. Full-tang construction and double bolsters guarantee peerless balance and stability.
Block Set Includes:
3 ฝ” paring knife
6″ carving knife
6 ฝ” hollow-edge santoku knife
8″ serrated bread knife
8″ chef knife
9″ hollow-edge carving knife
10″ sharpening steel
8″ steel kitchen shears
Knife block with front-facing Wusthof trident logo.


  • 9-piece knife block set from Wusthof, makers of world-class gourmet cutlery.
  • Versatile: large knife block set handles 90% of everyday cooking and baking prep tasks.
  • Contains straight-edge knives for slicing beef and chicken.
  • Contains hollow-edge knives to keep produce from sticking to blade when slicing cucumbers or tomatoes.
  • Contains a serrated knife to saw through loaves of bread without smashing them.
  • Steel kitchen shears for cleaning softshell crab and trimming vegetables.
  • Sharpening steel keeps blades in peak condition.
  • Knife block has empty slots for future expansion.
  • Blades are well balanced and comfortable in the hand.
  • Knives are forged from a single piece of steel (X50CrMoV15).
  • Handles are made from dark African blackwood (AKA Grenadilla).
  • Blackwood colors range from purple to dark brown to black.
  • Distinct wood grain makes every IKON blackwood knife a unique instrument.
  • High-density, low-porous blackwood heartwood won’t react to moisture and humidity.
  • Knife handles are triple-riveted to tangs.
  • Made in Germany from German steel.
  • Hand-wash knives only (do not machine wash).
  • Lifetime warranty through Wusthof.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.