de Buyer FK Officium Offset Spatula, Black

Located at Faymont-Val d’Ajol (in the Vosges) for more than 180 years, de Buyer company is proud of its roots and upholds its claim to be ‘Made in France’. Generations of workers, men and women, have succeeded one another in adapting to new technologies to remain at the cutting edge of the requirements in our field. Rich in rare know-how and a sincere company culture, they are Maison de Buyer’s essential and precious manual asset, creating its pride and renown. De Buyer company produces high technology equipment. Using stamping or cutting, each frying pan, saucepan or utensil is formed using traditional methods, defects are removed and they are hand-polished to guarantee a perfect finish.


  • With its angled handle, this spatula makes it easy to spread and level out pasty substances.
  • Robust and resistant blade made of high quality stainless steel X20 Cr13
  • Mirror polished blade for easy spreading and to avoid rust
  • Flexible blade for a precise spreading work
  • Ergonomic handle made of polyamid reinforced with fiberglass
  • Anti-slip carbon fiber texture
  • Good grip with slot for the thumb and finger stopper
  • Dishwasher safe