Georg Jensen Leaf Mirror Dish, Large

Helle Damkjรฆr. Her style is elegant and sharp, yet soft and harmonious. Her minimalist, organic approach, combined with her attention to detail, gives her designs a sensual and harmonious presence.

She calls her designs “environmentally aware harmony.” Damkjรฆr is in some ways the heiress to the Danish design legacy: her minimalist functionality coincides with beautiful shapes for an overall effect that is – across the board – gorgeous. Like her minimalist predecessors, Damkjรฆr has an exceptional sense for shapes and colours and is particularly sensitive to their effect on the beholder.

The sensual and sleek Bloom Collection has become iconic. The inspiration for Bloom was Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom. Their delicate and sotfr contours are reflected in the easily curving, yet modern lines of Bloom.


  • Serene and elegant, the bowls stand firmly on a table, yet their sweeping forms inspired by the magnolia’s elegant petals express infinite movement.
  • Entirely made of stainless steel with mirror polish finish
  • Measurements: H: 4.06 inches, W: 9.06 inches, D: 4.92 inches
  • Design by Helle Damkjรฆr, 2013