Wusthof Gourmet Hollow Edge Chai Dao Knife

The Gourmet 7″ Hollow Edge Chai Dao Knife is designed with a thinner blade than the traditional cook’™s knife, at a 10ฐ cutting edge, and features a rounded edge. The hollow edge is crafted with evenly spaced vertical indentations, which create small air pockets between the blade and the food. These small air pockets gently push food off the blade and reduce friction and drag. This knife allows cooks to effortlessly prep a wide array of fresh produce, including starchy vegetables like potatoes, which tend to stick to a knife’™s blade.


  • Precision-forged from of a single piece of Wusthof’s own rust-free, high-carbon steel
  • Laser-cut to exact specifications,
  • The knife every chef wants in their kitchen.
  • Made in Solingen / Germany
  • Brings performance of three knives: santoku, cleaver and chef’s
  • Wusthof’s own PEtec edge yields a smoother, more refined edge, with dramatically-increased sharpness and retention along the entire length of the blade
  • Wusthof Chai Dao Knife slices meats deli-thin to thick, cuts melons, vegetables and fruits, maintaining extreme sharpness longer
  • Dimensions: 14.5’x3’x1’ (full length)
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Weight (in Lbs): 1.